Wednesday, February 23, 2011


1. Describe your team's game topic and talk about the most important concept you want your players to learn. My teams topic is on this camp called Aushwitz.Our concept is to teach the players what the people in the city were not informed about .

2. How did the ideas you discussed in "Imagining Your Game" come together to help your team decide on a game topic? We resarched the camp and got information about it.3. Tell us more about your team by saying who has what role, and how you work together.
I looked for artifacts and pictures from the camp aushwitz.Anjelica planned the game and Naomi resarch the topic and videos.

4. What kind of research did you do to find information to express the game topic? Examples: books, films, web searches....etc. We found information from wikipedia and google.We also found it in videos.

6. Has this changed since you first started planning your game? How? Yes because we have changed the time of year and the characters.We have also changed the scene and the escape plan.That is all we have changed.

5. Explain the game play. What does the player have to do? Wel l the player is trying to escape the camp to everybody what was going on in the camp.But you have to becarful with the nazi soilders so that they don't catch you.

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