Friday, February 25, 2011

Malcom X Part 2

     Malcom X was a spok person for the muslems.When he had so much power some of his muslem people were betraying him.Elijah Muhammad Got two women pregnant and said that wasn't his children.One lady had three and the other had one.Later on in the movie Bing(who Malcom X met in prison)is jealous because Malcom had to much power.So,when Malcom was trying to protect the muslems they got money and bought new houses,cars and, cloths.But, nobody gave any money to Malcom they just forgot about him.Later on Malcom was making a speech about Jhon F. Kennidy and how the white men killed him because he was helping M.L.K. 
      Months went by and Malcom decided to visit Egypt and they welcomed him with Honer.Malcom said to take him to the pyramids and two white people were following him.The next place he was visiting was Meka.He went their and he saw black, white, and all kinds of different raise.They all drank from the same cup.He realized that Elijah Muhammad was teaching the wrong thing.SO he was making a speech in an additorium in new york city.When this guy got mad at Malcom for stealing his thought these guys came up to him and killed him.After that the word was out and the people were in jail.That is my summmary of Malcom X.

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