Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand And Deliver

I really liked this movie because it was about this group of kids that were coming from poor schools and were encouraged to learn stuff that they did not get during middle school.It was also about race because they were Latino and they thought that Latinos would cheat on the test.The story was bassed on a true story.Those kids worked really hard to study for the AP test and also came in the summmer.they stayed late and came at 6 in the morning to summer school.They all passe and they went on to college.I really recommened this movie to people who like happy stories.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Test

TAKS testing is next week! How do you feel about the TAKS test? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you going to do something special when TAKS is over?
I am kind of freaked out but I am going tokick the CRAP out of the taks test.Yes I am excited but it is stupid because it just takes a whole day out of the week that you have learned over the year.Yes I am nervous because I see other people finishing early and I say to my self I need to take my time and don't rush.Yes When I get my scores in and if I pass I will go celebrate at Gattie town or at Austin Parks and Pizza.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iPads for kids

What is your opinion of students using technology like the iPad in their classroom? What are some advantages of this type of technology? What are some of the disadvantages?
My opinion is that you can use the Ipad in class because you don't need paper or pencil to bring to the class .Some disadvantages are that you might get addicted to the Ipad and want to use and rile on it for the rest of your life.Some others are that you will not want to write any more and only type for homework and tests.That was my opinion on the article.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What progress have you made on your game and your game demo THIS WEEK? Have you learned anything new about Flash? (for example - what the timeline is, what frames and keyframes are, what folders are, how to keep your layers organized, how to copy and paste from one file to another) Are you proud of what you accomplished this week or is there something that has been hard for you that you have not accomplished yet? Have you made any other accomplishements in Globaloria THIS WEEK?

Yes I can make the the train blow smoke out and dissapear.That you can chang the icons and swich them out.Yes I am proud because I can make the train blow smoke and all I need to do now is make the sound affects.,No that was all the accomplishments I did today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game Demo Questions

  • Intro screen: Game title

  • Our game titile is called Survivor.

  • Team Introduction: Give the names and roles of all team members (no last names)

  • Anjelica-researcher,Rodolfo-Drawer,And Naomi-codes for the game.

  • Audience: Who are you designing your game for, and why? 5th and 6th graders.

  • Gameplay: What does the player see and do? What are the rules and how do you win? What is the goal of the game?

  • He sees the other people being starved to death.You have to  escape the camp but you can't get caught by the Nazi soldiers.To escape the camp.

  • Learning Goal: What will the player learn by playing this game?

  • How people suffered and what they had to do to survive either their boby will eat it's self or you will have to escape.

  • Fun Factor: What makes your game fun for the player?

  • Logic

  • Smart Factor: What does your game teach? What can someone learn by playing it? It teaches peole what they had to do in order to survive and not be dead.

  • Style Factor: What kind of graphic/animation style will you use? What kind of sounds? Like mario movement.We will use the song called"schindlers list "

  • Originality Factor: What makes your game special and unique? Why will it sell?We are making it mario/Auschwitz.It will sell because it teaches you what happened in camp auschwitz.

  • Monday, April 11, 2011


    1. Does the game have a way to keep score? yes.Does it have a timer?no Are there some interesting sound effects or other effects?yes. Are there platforms and a scrolling background?yes
    2. How did the game developers do this? with math and angles.
    3. How will you do this? i really don't know yet
    4. Which tutorial or section on the wiki will help you do this in your game? scrolling background and background music.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Did you learn how to do something new in Flash? Yes I was able to make a train leave in a distance.I also got to make my character move any where and jump.
    Did you create a really cool drawing? Yes I made a nazi soilder.
    Were you able to help someone else out on their game? Yes I helped Beto's background to move with the character.
    What was the biggest challenge you faced while working on your game this week? To make the game without our brain person,Angelica.
    How do you feel about what you have done? Great that me and Naomi are making Progress on our game.
    Are you proud of what you have accomplished or frustrated because of something you haven't figured out yet?Well we were going to make it like point of view but it was too hard so we made it like mario.

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    The letter to Obama

    What do you think about that school? Should President Obama visit your school? Write a blog post trying to convince President Obama to come visit your school. Write about what makes your school special and worth visiting.

    Dear president Obama,I read what you said and well their school is good but at my school we are serious on our grades.I really want you to come vivit my school to see if you like our big projct that we are making it is a video game.We are trying to make characters move and do cool animations.These teachers are helping these students to get ready for college and what responsibilaties.That's all I need to tell you the rest you can come and figure out.

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Blogging about blogging

         Pretend you are at a school where blogging is not allowed. What would you say to school administrators to get them to change their minds? What are some reasons blogging is good for students? What are some of the disadvantages of blogging? Please write at least 5 sentences. Sentences should not start with and, or, but, or because. Your thoughts should be clear and you should support your opinions with facts or personal experiences.

       What I would say was that is not fair because you need to be able to write fast and for people to understand your hand writing.When you are going to send a letter out to these people to say thank you and they can't understand your handwriting,now thats a problem.You might depend on the spell check through your whole life and when you get to college and there is no spell check allowed you are in big trouble.But any ways that is my opinion.Thats my blog.

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    The Blinde side

    This movie is about this guy named Michael Oher and these boys where asking him if he wanted to be in the gang,but he said no.So he has no place to stay and so he life's on the street.He only has two pairs of shirts.The lady is "Sandra Bulik"but plays the roll as Leigh Ann Tuohy was asking him if he had a place to stay and he said no.So Leigh Ann Tuohy told him come live with us.So he was staying with them and then they asked him if he wanted to be part of the family.He played football and he started to play professional football.He graduated college and was a successful.