Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

A Marathon is a run were u run a distance for fun or a prize.So many people run a marathon because  they just do it to at least accomplish something in their life.I think Lari was more interesting because she actually was working alot an ran alot.She made it an had alot of happiness in her mind.I don' want to accomplish anything right now.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I like it because of the title screen it  has the environmental an it's about how you need to doge the bad fish so you don't lose.I was going to add this test tube so that they could get points but i didn't have enough time.


This year has gone by so fast.I am really surprised that we could all do our games and be in the globies to be nominated.i have learned more but also know some stuff that i used in my game.i am better at solving problems an if there is no solution i ask my teachers .all i have learned is that there are people out in the world trying to test water so that they can keep it clean.The most challenging part about globaloria is that I can play other peoples games an learn about their yea that's it....