Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Imagine Team Game

I'm designing my game for 13-16 year old.I will make it educational so that way the audience isn't bored or doesn't like it.The game will teach how the zoo is and how the different animals are idk about the social issues but i just need to finish this game will be happening in a zoo and you will be able to click on the animals and see facts about them.I will describe that the world should know how they animals live and what they do in the wild , and why we should mess with their habitats.How the animals live and stuff like that.They can learn to be like a park ranger so that way they can be helpful to the environment.

Choose Team Game Topic

We chose this topic because we think that we can make this game be successful and awesome. We can inform the audience (that is going to play our game) how the animals are like ,were they live in the wild, and what they eat and stuff like that. We all worked together to decide our topic.We all talked about it and debated on who wants what.We came with a conclusion that we all wanted to do the Austin Zoo. That's it i'm done.