Friday, October 29, 2010

Urban sprawl

The movie Urban sprawl was about how there was more producing in dairy valley.In 1956 cows out numbered 40 thousand residents by nearly 30 to 1 and at one time our milk was produced to dairy valley than any where else in the nation.But,as more and more people moved to dairy valley paster land became to valuable to farm and in 1963 residents voted to allow large scale residential development of agriculture land.Four years later the city of dairy valley changed it's name to Cerritas.In 2008 the population was 52 thousand 3 hundred people and no cows.A man said that Chino valley was a great place to grow up.It was a lot like here years ago, now with all the Urban and crogement and how the traffic.The people,the general public doesn't want to be close to dairy's and flys so they closed it down.So they moved the herd north and he had to truck the minnuer 200 miles for disposable and bring in the food for his cows.So he puts the minnuer on top of the soil to give cows to eat and that is the cycle.The operation 3 thousand cows are milked 27/7 and produce more than 50 thousand gallons of milk daily.According to USDA economic research service,urban use today comprises only three percent of th contiques states and despite what may seem to be an alarming tred in farm land lose the united states has enoboundants of agraculture lands.The USDA goes on to say there is little evidence to sugest that converson of farm landing to other uses poses any long term threat to productive capasidy.That was my review on my topic.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paper Clips

Paper Clips was about how these group of kids at whitwell middle school were collecting paper clips for the Jewish people how got killed.There goal was to collect six million paper clips.It was sad how they would die and they would get transported by a rail cart and dropped of at the concentrated camp.These people bought the rail car and shipped it to Tennessee.They all decorated it and they put all the paper clips inside of it.They put the rail car in front of whitwell middle school.They will always have it there .That was my review on the movie Paper clips.

weekly blog

What I would want to know is how long does it take to make a game.I would like to learn how did we get to make game.Today is Tuesday the 26th.I want to learn more about how to make game designs and is it hard?Well i will have to find out that is what I would want to learn this week.Today is Wednesday the 27th my b-day.What I can do is look up my topic and research about it in 2 minutes. That is all for today.Today is Thursday and I really just have the same idea today to so just same old same old.Today is Friday the 29th.What I would like top do is how to make a video game on social issues.I really want to start making my game but I have to do my notes and the designs on it .So it will take a while to make my game.You will have to wait for my game to be complete untill then you will have to wait.That is all for today.

Friday, October 22, 2010

the weekend

Finally it is Friday so i can get out of school early.What i am going to do over the weekend is go to Austin parks and pizza.I am going to play games go on the go karts and win tickets.The most easiest game is the train because you just concentrate and you can win alot of tickets.The most tickets that i have gotten is I think 1,000 and i only saved 45 tickets,hope i get more than last time! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Some ways that we use the Internet to communicate is by email, texting, and by calling on a cell phone.The most popular is email because we can just send someone a letter or text and we don not have to get up to do that.The most common one is texting on a phone and i mean every one text.Whether you are a teen or an adult you always have a cell phone.That was my thoughts about what was most popular about the Internet.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What we can do is not eat fast food and eat more plants and nutrition.I always eat fruits and sometimes veggies but we need to cook with out oil and exercise more.We also need to do is not to take so much of the land so plants can grow and we can eat and have oxygen to breath.We all need to protect this cycle and keep it running so we need to keep the soil and plants safe.That was my opinion on what we needed to do in order to live a better life.

Friday, October 15, 2010

the dance

What i am going to do after school is go to the dance.What i think they would have is food drinks.I hope it would be outside so we can be able to talk instead of yelling.What I hope to have is a great and awesome night there at the dance that was my Friday choice.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too Many Buildings

Too many buildings are not good for the environment and for animals.We are taking away shelters for animals and building house,factory's,or work buildings.What we need to do is to keep the animals safe.We are building building more than we need.Also what we need to do is not air pollute and not use factories.That was my topic that I researched.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue Gold

Blue Gold in the beginning how this man lasted a week and then started to hallucinate and all of a sudden he just collapsed and died.What needs to happen is that we need to help people all around the world  to be able to get water.When you build a damn you need to let the water flow through if not all that nutriantes will dry up and become a desert.What this movie is trying to tell us is that we need to take care of the water and keep it balanced.That was my reveiew on the movie Blue Gold!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge on the first day of school was how to fit in with people to be my friend.How I overcame that was by talking too new people who I did not know.My other challenge in globaloria on the second week was to put a video on my blog.How I overcame it was by practicing again and again till I get it right.Those were my challenges and how I overcame it.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Turtle was about how we pollute and the turtles have to go and swim and try not to drawn.It also says that we need to clean the ocean and not pollute it any more.we need to keep every thing clean.That was my review on my game.


It's Friday and I love Friday's because i get to go to my house and go on the computer.I get to go on the computer with out even getting bugged.What I listen to is this song about eminem's friend dies and he does not know what to do but he moves on and gets back on track and he rapes the whole song.I listen to it and it is really deep and also cool.That was my Friday blog.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Most Meaningful movie

The most meaningful movie was food inc. It tells you about what we are doing to chickens,cows,and pigs.They put them in a slautter house and they feed them first.Then after they are full and big they kill them to make pork.This means that we need to use less animals to kill and eat veggies, fruits, or veggies something else that we could eat.It also tells us that fast foods are cheaper than other food because we would pick them.That was my most meaningful movie!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dirt the movie

The movie dirt was cool.Dirt was made by misuliom and we relied on dirt because it helps us grow trees and plants.Some kids in Africa play in the dirt instead of concrete like we do.Did you know that people that drink water from fountains,sinks,or any thing that you can drink is actually dinosaur pee.Also that some farmers drimk pestiside and they do suiside.People can make a difference in this world just by planting more plants or any thing so that we can keep the soil and dirt with us.That was my summary about the movie dirt.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The house of wax

The house of wax was the best movie I have seen besides nightmare on elm street.It was about six friend that are lost and they camp out  and they find this city that was not even listed on the map.They are are trying to find some gas in the middle of nowhere and they are in a trap.they find them selves in a deep trouble and they have to survive.But there are not one killer but there was three killers.Sadly only two people made it out and they did not know there was three they thought there was only two.So after they killed the two killers and the killers killed the people there still was one killer left that they thought was nice but was not.That was my favorite movie.