Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apollo 13 :-)

The most dangerous mission in the history in NASA.When they went up into space the launch thing was destroyed in space.The whole right side was destroyed. So the people at base at Houston were trying to find a way out to make them go to the moon.So the bottom line is that they needed to get the astronauts back to Earth.The magel was suppose to only land on the moon but they needed it to take it to the atmosphere.They made it back safley and the president made a ceremony.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The lightning thief

Chapter oneof the book the lightning thief was just about this boy named Percy Jakson.He went o this feild trip with his class,to a museum.He was listening to the algebra teacher.will Percy was trying to listen to the teacher, Percy's enimie Nancy,was over there talking to other people when Percy said"shut up".But, she didn't hear him.So she just kept talking,then he said it louder so that everybody could hear it."WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP"!!!!!,then the teacher said "Mr.Jackson do you have something to say"." NO"he said in a low voice.Thats all to the point that i am at.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I'm writing about a place that I'm going to go in the summer.The best two rides was the tornado and the goliath.They weren't that scary but was really high.I can't belive that you have to wait like 30 mins. just to get on a 1min. ride.there was a short time of darkness. The goliath is really scary you will have to ride it and find out for your self. Well that is all..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I really like this character because he looks funny and is a sailor.He has a tattoo on his right arm.I really like him because he eats spinach.He has real big mussels and i want some of those jk!!!!!I really like this picture because it looks like popeye is cool and strong and he is. I really would like you guys to look at this link to wikipedia to look on how popeye became famous.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Game Is Finished!

first of all I am so proud of my self and my team especially Anjelica for staying late after school so that she can finish the game.I really think that we made some really good effort in to the game.I really was hoping that my two freinds beto and victor were going to be nominated.I really want to do another project with my team.

Monday, May 2, 2011


OH! Summer is almost here , and when I hear Summer I think of swimming the sun and relaxing, unless teachers give us homework.When we do go out for summer I will like to get away from school but I don't want to leave my Friends or my soccer teammates.I will practice and learn new tricks in soccer,also in BLACK OPPS!!!! I will play black opps when the pros. get online.I will murder them in the match and I will be able to rest alot and not have to wake up early to go to school.That was my blog.