Friday, October 29, 2010

Urban sprawl

The movie Urban sprawl was about how there was more producing in dairy valley.In 1956 cows out numbered 40 thousand residents by nearly 30 to 1 and at one time our milk was produced to dairy valley than any where else in the nation.But,as more and more people moved to dairy valley paster land became to valuable to farm and in 1963 residents voted to allow large scale residential development of agriculture land.Four years later the city of dairy valley changed it's name to Cerritas.In 2008 the population was 52 thousand 3 hundred people and no cows.A man said that Chino valley was a great place to grow up.It was a lot like here years ago, now with all the Urban and crogement and how the traffic.The people,the general public doesn't want to be close to dairy's and flys so they closed it down.So they moved the herd north and he had to truck the minnuer 200 miles for disposable and bring in the food for his cows.So he puts the minnuer on top of the soil to give cows to eat and that is the cycle.The operation 3 thousand cows are milked 27/7 and produce more than 50 thousand gallons of milk daily.According to USDA economic research service,urban use today comprises only three percent of th contiques states and despite what may seem to be an alarming tred in farm land lose the united states has enoboundants of agraculture lands.The USDA goes on to say there is little evidence to sugest that converson of farm landing to other uses poses any long term threat to productive capasidy.That was my review on my topic.

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