Monday, October 25, 2010

weekly blog

What I would want to know is how long does it take to make a game.I would like to learn how did we get to make game.Today is Tuesday the 26th.I want to learn more about how to make game designs and is it hard?Well i will have to find out that is what I would want to learn this week.Today is Wednesday the 27th my b-day.What I can do is look up my topic and research about it in 2 minutes. That is all for today.Today is Thursday and I really just have the same idea today to so just same old same old.Today is Friday the 29th.What I would like top do is how to make a video game on social issues.I really want to start making my game but I have to do my notes and the designs on it .So it will take a while to make my game.You will have to wait for my game to be complete untill then you will have to wait.That is all for today.

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