Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly blog

Today is the 1st of November.What I am learning is how to make a game and so far it is hard.It is fun but some what complicated.What we need to do is trying to make the carrot slide to the other side.I really want to know what it will look like when it is done.Well that is all for today.Today is the 2nd of November.What I would like to do is to finish the game design that we are going to finish.What I know how to do is to follow the directions and do it quickly.So far so good and that is what I know so far.Today is Wednesday the 3rd and what was awesome was that you can speed up the carrot to go faster and make it go up, down, or side to side.What I would really want to know is how did they build this technology and was it hard? Well I will have to find out.Today is thursday november the 4th.What I Know what to do is that i can make the bunny go faster and make it go all directions.What was cool about this game is that I can follow all the directions and still go at a fast pase.That is mostly what I can do so far and I am doing good so far.Today is november the 5th.What I really want to do more is to that painting thing where we go and just mess around with buttons and what they do.What I really would like to do is to just finish my game and see how it looks like.Well that was all I did  this week so far.

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