Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogging about blogging

     Pretend you are at a school where blogging is not allowed. What would you say to school administrators to get them to change their minds? What are some reasons blogging is good for students? What are some of the disadvantages of blogging? Please write at least 5 sentences. Sentences should not start with and, or, but, or because. Your thoughts should be clear and you should support your opinions with facts or personal experiences.

   What I would say was that is not fair because you need to be able to write fast and for people to understand your hand writing.When you are going to send a letter out to these people to say thank you and they can't understand your handwriting,now thats a problem.You might depend on the spell check through your whole life and when you get to college and there is no spell check allowed you are in big trouble.But any ways that is my opinion.Thats my blog.

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