Friday, November 12, 2010

Into the arms of strangers

Into the arms of strangers is about how all these kids are getting transported to another country.What was happening in this country was that children would always go into bands and march and play music all around town.Then one day all the Nazi people were wearing uniforms and the Nazi sign on their shoulder.So when Hitler came to this place they would salute to him and on every street corner that you will see the sign of the Nazis.So Hitler said that he would let all the children go to another state and be free but the parents would have to stay.The Nazi people gave the children 2 weeks to pack and say their good byes.If adults wanted to leave with them they would need these papers and they would have to get it approved by the head person Hitler.When the troops came to the town all the kids and the adults would wave to them and have a smile .One day at two o'clock these two Nazi troops knocked on the door and they brong all the Jews to this circle and every body knew each other.The next day if you were their you would see  the property of the Jews would be eather broken or on the street.Then if you would go to school and it was on fire and the kids were afraid.

When the children got to the foster houses they would always have to be dressed up and had to be interviewed to see if the can get to go to a house to live in.Some kids would be dressed into english cloths and would have to go to english schools.When you would move to a new school you would have to make new freinds and not one kid was jewish.All these kids would want to get a job  to get their parents with them.What this whole movie is telling us isthat these kids went through alot of pain and integrody.I feel so sad for these people.That is all for today.

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