Friday, October 14, 2011

Darfur is Dying

1. What did you learn about Darfur by playing the game Darfur is Dying?That you have to survive in order to get water.The dad can never go for water because he would get caught he would be killed automatically.
2. In the game Darfur is Dying, you can choose to forage for water and use different characters. Are there differences in the characters? Why did the game designers make the characters have different abilities? Does this tell you anything about what is happening in real life?i THINK DARFUR HAVE CHARACTERS THAT NEED TO BE ABLE TO HIDE IN ORDER TO GET WATER.

3 .Another part of the game is to maintain camp. Do you think this was just for fun or was there another reason this is included in the game?I THINK IT WAAS INCLUDED BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO MAINTAIN YOUR CAMP LIKE FEED THEM WATER AND FOOD.4. The game also includes ways do things like write a letter to the president or share the game on facebook? Why do you think this is?SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY  TAKE ACTION.
5. Did playing the game inspire you to learn more about Darfur or to do something to help? Why?YES TO HELP DARFUR AND MAKE THEM NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER.

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