Monday, September 12, 2011

Children of Heaven :/

    The summary was about Ali.How he lost him sister's shoes an he has to share with his sister.He enters into a race an wants to come in 3rd but he finishes in 1st.Ali always wore the same thing everyday because he was poor.He was worried about his mom because she was getting sick.Ali would always get late to school because his sister would have his shoes to wear to school.
      Before i watched this movie i thought that all Muslims are terrorist but in the movie they aren't.I also thought that all men wore the long robs but they were wearing normal clothes like we wear.I thought that all Muslims wear guns on their back but they don't.I also thought that they lived in a dessert and the didn't have cars but they don't live in desserts an they do have cars. I think that some people are mean but some are nice.

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