Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This movie is about how this boy named Cory and he has a younger brother named jimmy.Jimmy has a disease where he can barley talk.He was walking on the desert and he said"california".The cops got him and took him to his mother.His half brother Cory just found out that Jimmy is going to the house to get treated.Cory came to the house and took Jimmy and told him "lets go run away just you and me."Cory's dad is looking for him but he just now he got informed that he ran awsy with Jimmy.They were walking and sometimes were on the skate board that Cory brought with him.They arrived into a little town called "GoblinValley".They went to the bus station to buy tickets.They met this girl named Haley.Haley got them a ride.Jimmy is a real good gamer and he won lots of games and was winning money from people.They didn't have a place to stay so they stayed in a junck yard.When they woke up they were looking at a map and the bikers gave them a ride to this arcade and they were vs. a kid who is going to the video games armagedan.Jimmmy was practiceing and practicing for the championship.When he went to the armaggedan he won 50,000dallors.After that jimmy cory andhaley were all friends.

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