Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What I did over the winter break is that I went to Disney world.i went to the 4 parks that where called the animal kingdom, the magic kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood studios.What you could do at the Hollywood studios is go to the race car show.What it is that they are making a movie and the stunt drivers are drifting and the enemies are trying to get the hero who is running away from these guys so it comes out really cool.The next place you should go is animal kingdom.What it has there is that there is a safari trip that takes you around and show you elephants,lions, girrafes,and hippos.the next and the best place to be is the magic kingdom .What you need to go to is the space roller coaster.It takes you way up and you can't see anything the only thing you can see is the space and you hear people screaming.the next is the monsters inc laugh room.Well that is all I did this Winter break.

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